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Elementary Teachers Dress As Babies— Have Students Rolling With Hilarious Talent Show Skit.

When you’re in elementary school — heck, even through middle school and beyond — it’s pretty hard to picture your teachers as being anything other than what they are at that moment: an authority figure standing in front of the classroom going through basic arithmetic and spelling drills, telling Johnny to stop horsing around back there, and snatching notes away from Susie.

But believe it or not, they weren’t born fully formed, primed and ready to lead the class in the Pledge of Allegiance. They were once starving college students, and before that, cramming for their SATs, and before that, students in third-grade classrooms.

But way, way before any of that, they, like all the rest of us, were babies.

And as teachers at Wilmore Elementary School illustrated during a talent show, they had the same exact needs as babies everywhere else.

Like biding their time before lunch with toys and blankies and rattles …


(Some babies are more thankful than others)


And getting fed:


Again, some babies are much more cooperative than others.


That’s followed, naturally, by clean-up duties:


These “babies,”presumably all staff members at the school, tolerate all of this daily grind stuff to one degree or another during hilarious talent show. But when “Mom”announces, “It is time to change the babies!”that’s when mutiny breaks out.

Watch these “babies”give this Mom a hard time in the video below, and share to spread some laughter!

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