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Stop Your Baby’s Crying By Massaging These 8 Points On Their Feet.

Because a baby cannot speak with words for a long time, their only form of communication when something is wrong is crying. Sometimes parents can easily soothe the baby right away. However, any parent knows there can be times when a solution to your baby’s problem is hard to find.

Studies show that a crying baby can be soothed by the calming effects of “reflexology.” This ancient Chinese medical practice has been around for thousands of years with a technique that all parents are capable of learning.


The basic idea of reflexology is that our feet have nerve endings in them that can be stimulated by massaging certain pressure points. Just like you would press on your temple or in between your thumb and pointer finger to release the pain of a headache, reflexology helps to pin-point spots in your feet that can soothe pain in different areas of the body.


Although this practice is helpful for both children and adults, it is said that babies are able to respond better to reflexology because they are more receptive to physical touch. Holding and comforting a baby with physical touch is a natural response to their distress, so why not add a special little foot massage to that routine?

The Hearty Soul

The chart above points out the different nerve endings that are located throughout the foot. For example, by applying some gentle pressure to the top of the foot that touches the ground above the arch it will help to soothe the chest area of the body. While it may not completely heal the symptoms of congestion and coughs, putting pressure on this area will create a difference in the amount of pain your baby suffers during a cold.


Make sure to do the “Mother Earth Hold” with your baby before and after this amazing foot massage. This hold requires you to cup each of their heels in the palm of your hands and gently move their legs back into a fetal position. This hold will help to make your baby feel comforted and loved.

Giving your baby this reflexology massage will make all the difference between exhaustion and rest for both your young baby and yourself!

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