These 25 Baby Products Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

baby surrounded by toys

The baby products we all wish we had when becoming a new parent. 

These 25 baby products are literal lifesavers giving you convenience and time, recommended by new parents and found by 3 am Amazon hauls during night feeds. 

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail.

1. A mastermind baby stroller/car seat combo to save space and just make your life a lot easier 


Saves you money and time, this baby stroller and car seat is the ultimate storage-saving travel system. Hello, convenience. 

“I bought this for my first born and it has held up beautifully. The car seat slots in perfectly and my baby is comfortable and safe and happy riding around in this. The seat is adjustable and easy to fold up. Cannot recommend this highly enough. – Shanelle W.

2. This nifty sock contains a baby monitor to track all your baby’s health readings such as pulse and oxygen 


The Owlet baby monitor truly is a dream sock allowing you to have peace of mind whenever you need it and a deeper understanding of your little one’s health. Perfect for anxiety-ridden mums. 

“If you are anxiety-ridden like most parents, just buy it. It’s pricey, yes. But the way this little sock puts my mind at ease has been worth every single penny. The app gives you the ability to track your little one’s sleep through the night, but more importantly, will alert you if something triggers it” – Taylor

3. You never quite know when the next blowout is with your baby, which is why this portable changing mat is a literal lifesaver


Waterproof for liquid accidents, convenient for days out, and surprisingly stylish too. This portable mat is a must-have. 

“I ordered this because we needed a larger changing pad for traveling. This is the perfect size, folds up nicely, and is easy to wipe clean! I also love the cute print!” – Sarah.

4. Supermom mode activated, these wearable breast pumps allow you to multitask and get things done while pumping on the go


Yep, a smart-ass breast pump that is USB rechargeable, has two modes, and operates hands-free, allowing you the freedom to move around and get things done as you wish, no more being attached to a machine.

“I hated pumping with my son. Had the classic spectra sit down pump and the hard flanges were uncomfortable and I hated being stuck there. So with my daughter I now have even more to do and the convenience of being able to be mobile with these pumps is a game changer. I love the soft flanges too.” – caitlin m.

5. Make those night-time feeds feel like a dream with this instant formula dispenser which warms the formula to the exact temperature needed 


It looks like an espresso machine, but it’s even better, and will probably save you having to have an extra coffee the next day.

Jokes aside, this Brezza instant formula dispenser saves you a lot of time compared to hand mixing.

“This changed my life! No more crying while the bottle warms up. You get a perfect bottle in seconds and the thing that has to be cleaned every few feeds is really not a big deal it’s super easy and still takes less time than warming up a bottle.” – Carrie07222

6. This white noise sound machine with 20 looping sounds and even has a memory function 


With no looping sounds and over 20 types to pick from, this soothing white noise machine may even help you sleep, never mind the baby. 

“I love all of the sounds it’s incredible! My baby falls asleep to rain so well! It’s compact! There’s literally a sound for anyone though! The only downside it turns off after like 2 hours.” – Akira 

7. A convertible crib that can turn into a full-sized bed because who wants to buy three different beds when you could get them all in one


The Grace Benton convertible crib saves you money in the long run since it adapts to your growing baby. Its plain white design also makes it look timeless.

“Beautiful 5 in 1 crib. Very sturdy and easy to assemble. The best part is that it will accommodate your baby as it grows. You can change the height of the mattress as needed. Turns into a youth. Trundle bed. Full size bed. – eric v

8. This wearable sleeping baby sack is safer than blankets, and has an easy zip fastening, plus, they look like a cute little burrito


Get peace of mind with this zipper Burt’s Bees baby sack by avoiding loose blankets and allowing your baby to move freely. They are also really cute, which is important, right?

“This is super sturdy, comfy and warm. The zipper is good quality. It fits my baby’s arms and neck snuggly but not too tight and there is plenty of room for his feet. Great to have for the winter.” – Luke 

9. An all-access gas pass, designed for your baby’s bottom to get rid of any trapped wind 


This gas passer is a godsend and relieves your baby’s gas instantly, it’s very safe to use at home too despite it looking a little scary. 

“It is not scary to use and is highly effective. Be careful, some poo may come out of the straw in the process. Ha ha. Be sure to have a diaper at the end to catch the poo. It does release a lot of air as well. Read the directions, massaging my babies belly helped.” – KC

10. These handy silicone bibs are made to catch any spillage and are super easy to keep clean 


No more washing cloth bibs every time your baby eats with these silicone inventions. Mealtime becomes easy and so does cleaning. 

“I like the simple colors. These stay on my 12-month-old well. They fold up to fit in his backpack for travels. They are easy to clean. They catch a lot of food. Would definitely by again.” – Jillian

11. This ultimate baby play gym with 5 areas catered to different stages of development for endless playtime and more me time


This all-in-one play gym is perfect for engaging your baby and challenging their learning, there is also no overstimulation thanks to the fact you can reveal/conceal.

“It’s so easy to assemble, wash, and take along with us, I can’t recommend this enough. Entertains my child for hours and lets me get some work done. It’s worth every penny.” – K. Cham

12. A 2 in 1 shopping cart cover and high chair cover to keep your baby comfortable on the grocery run 


No more sore bottoms while shopping and no more germs from your baby touching random carts, plus there are snack pockets and they look super cute.

“Perfect for shopping carts. Easy to put on and take off. Does not shrink in the wash.” – Moriah

13. A portable automatic rocking swing to keep your baby and your back happy 


Soothing melodies, six different speeds, and a toy bar to keep your baby entertained, no manual rocking needed. 

“Easy to set up, easy to put away after use. We purchased this for a monthly event that offers free daycare and we feel confident to use the product for babies. It feels sturdy, easy to put away, and comfy for baby.” – Ashley Westgate

14. This stylish diaper caddy to carry all your baby essentials and be repurposed in the future for storage space 


Can be used for multiple storage purposes with a removable insert and neutral color, a very modern stylish caddy. 

“I know it’s something simple, but it’s perfect!! I didn’t expect to love this diaper caddy so much! My fifth baby boy will be here in less than 8 weeks and I wanted something cute, simple, stylish, and aesthetically appealing.” – Momof5

15. A portable wipe warmer for your baby because who likes cold wipes on your bottom?


This portable wipe warmer keeps your baby comfortable during changes and is best of all, portable for wiping on the go!

“We’ve been using this wipe warmer everyday for 17 months and it works great! It has never dried out our wipes or burned them. It is on 24/7 and is super convenient to just have the wipes handy in the nursery. Highly recommend!” – Tim D.

16. A dedicated baby car mirror for peace of mind when driving to keep an eye on your little one


With a night vision option and adjustable position, this baby car mirror gives you peace of mind when driving, and stops you from turning around every five seconds to check your baby helping you drive safer.

“This is really nice! I’ve got two kids and a third on the way. I needed something to help me see the kids fighting in the back hahahaha! No but really it is nice to see them instead of having to turn around every five seconds unsafely.” – Sarah

17. Stop the backbreaking and get more done with this ergonomic baby carrier to keep your hands free 


Giving you hands-free convenience, a comfortable fit, and the ability to wear it facing in or out as well as on your back, this carrier is a lifesaver for any mum or dad with a newborn.

“This carrier is super sturdy and it is very appropriately sized for many stages of baby. We were having issues with carriers because our daughter was born on the small size.” – Katherine Roberts

18. This 3 in 1 baby bassinet can act as a stand-alone bassinet, bedside sleeper, and a playpen as your baby gets bigger


Saving you money, saving you space, and also portable, this 3 in 1 baby bassinet is perfect for any new parents, plus it also has wheels that can be locked in place, allowing you to move it easily from room to room.

“The reasons why I chose this in the first place are: 1) true bedside bassinet: you can see baby without any mesh in between. Making it extra easy to pickup and lay down baby. 2) it has wheels!! In a small apartment it’s perfect to be able to have her next to me regardless of being in bed or in the living room. 3) solid, but not bulky. It feels sturdy and safe, but it’s not bulky or too heavy.” – Marta G.

19. Yep, it’s kinda gross, but this nose aspirator will become an essential gadget if you want to avoid finger-picking those boogers 


Makes cleaning snot more enjoyable (if that’s possible) and helps your baby breathe easier too. 

“Works really well to clear my baby’s nose, you do have to suck harder than I initially thought. It’s great seeing the look of relief on her face when her nose is clear!” – Rebecca

20. This adorable baby bullet blender is for all your baby food-making needs 


Allows you to make fresher healthier food at home fast and easy, plus, comes with sweet little storage cups. 

“The blender is just the right size to use when making pureed baby foods. We can use it to make smoothies for baby as well. Very versatile and we use it often with making fresh food purees/smoothies for baby.” – K. Gillian

21. Trimming your baby’s nails is a pretty terrifying job, but with this electric nail trimmer it makes it easy


Designed to cut safely with different filing heads for different ages, it can be used on adults too so a great purchase for the whole family.

“This product worked perfectly for trimming my baby’s fingernails. I was able to trim them without fear of cutting her and even if she squirmed I was still able to accomplish the task so she wasn’t scratching herself. The case is also convenient to keep everything together.” – D. Bebout

22. This 360-degree baby activity center to keep your little one entertained for hours on end 


Lots of whole-body play options combined in one activity center such as bouncing, swiveling, and sitting, and can be repurposed as a coloring table when your baby gets older.

“This couldn’t have made my granddaughter any happier! At almost 4 months she can push on her tippy toes at the highest level and the activities attached made her so incredibly happy and excited! You could see the interest they held. Excellent!” – Lori M.

23. These stroller hooks are a game changer for hanging diaper bags and shopping bags when you are out and about 


These hooks allow you to free up your hands while pushing your stroller and even have a second life for connecting multiple dog leashes or hiking.

“These make the stroller even more helpful! They’re large and sturdy so they can hold a lot. I like to keep them on our travel stroller so we can clip backpacks, purses, diaper bags to the stroller and save the basket underneath for the suitcase (because YES the stroller becomes a luggage cart in the airport duh)! Definitely worth it.” – Lisa Jenoure

24. A whisper-quiet ultrasonic humidifier to give your baby a restful night’s sleep


No more stuffy noses and coughs with this super quiet humidifier, it also prevents your baby’s skin from getting dry.

“We bought it for our baby, it has helped with dry skin (especially during winter months due to the heater killing any/all humidity) and it helped when she got sick too! Easy to use, low maintenance, lasts all night, and has a nice soft blue light.” – Mike DeFrancesco

25. This set of 4 Soothie pacifiers because trust us, you need them all


Safe for your baby thanks to its BPA-free material and doesn’t interfere with oral development.

“As a speech therapist I recommend these pacifiers to all my new babies on my caseload. The cylinder type nipple head is best for oral motor development. In addition- great quality product” – Marnie

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