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Baby In Fatal Car Accident Returns Home After Doctors Gave Him 5% Chance Of Survival

A small baby rests his eyes while hooked up to machines at a hospital.

On June 12, Angela Woodson and her grandson, Roman, became victims of a fatal car crash. Sadly, Angela was pronounced dead at the scene. The 3-month-old, on the other hand, was rushed to the hospital. At that time, nobody knew if this Texas baby would survive. Finally, doctors gave the family the kind of news that everyone fears: The chances of survival were slim to none — as low as 5% even.

“They were concerned that he’d been low on oxygen for too long,” Roman’s grandfather, Ashley Woodson, said. “Which caused 90 percent of his brain to die and was probably not going to make it. The only thing positive I could get out of it was for him to be an organ donor. He could live on through other children.”

A man gives a small smile while holding a baby. Text on image reads: Can everyone pray for my grandson. Took him off life support yesterday, but he is still with us fighting

There was just one issue with Roman being a donor — more time needed to pass to make him eligible. Finally, on day 12 at the hospital, the ventilation tubed was taken out of him. Roman’s family felt so much anxiety around making the decision, unsure if it was the right one. But then, as the hours and days passed, what seemed like a miracle happened: Roman was getting better.

Despite the Odds, This Texas Baby Survives a Fatal Car Crash

Since being taken off the ventilation tube, Roman’s other grandfather, Wayne Bertrand, has been sharing social media updates. In return, the family has seen well wishes and promises of prayers from strangers all over.

@waynethetrain God is good. I do see the negative comments, but will not entertain them. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and thats ok you will never win an argument with someone that thinks they’re right. #fyp #texas #Romanstrong #miricalbaby #prayers #dallas #godisgood #foryourpage @Laurah ♬ original sound – Wayne Bertrand

Roman has been fighting for his life since June 12. And although his healing journey is ongoing, as of Monday, this sweet little one is finally back home! That means he spent a total of 18 days in the ICU. Thankfully, though, he had family, friends, and loved ones by his side the entire time — and he still will moving forward.

“Baby Roman is home with his parents, where he belongs,” Wayne shares in a post. “Thank you all for the prayers.”

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