Baboon Has Hilariously Relatable Reaction To Lunchtime Interruption

Baboon grabbing a bug to toss it aside during a lunch break.

Ruben Lambrechts is a savior to dozens of orphaned wild animals. While operating a sanctuary, Ruben quickly points out that the animals in his care are not pets. That doesn’t keep him from forming close bonds with them. He is particularly fond of a baboon named Cindy, who he refers to as his “sister.” Ruben makes videos of all the animals, but this one of Cindy caught our fancy. She is concentrating on eating and wants no distractions. Her reaction is hilarious when the baboon encounters a bug during a meal.

As you can see, Cindy is a funny baboon, repeatedly displacing the bug. Tossing it aside, you can tell she is in no mood to share her grains. The first time the baboon tossed the bug, it began climbing up from the side. The next toss was more forceful, sending the bug several feet from the “dining area.” Cindy does not want to be “bugged” during her lunch!

Left image shows Cindy the baboon reaching for a bug to toss him away from her lunch. Right image shows the persistent bug returning, only to be thrown farther away by the baboon.
Image from TikTok.

Baboons are omnivorous and are opportunistic eaters. That means they aren’t too picky and choosy and will eat almost anything that doesn’t eat them first. Had the bug kept trying to hone in on Cindy’s snack, she might have added him to the lunch menu. In another video, Ruben shows us how Cindy tells him she is hungry. Then, he helps Cindy eat some of the foods he brought her.

More Funny Baboon Videos To Bug Your Friends With

Ruben has a ton of really cool videos on his TikTok channel. He talks about the animals in his family’s care and how they release them back into the wild. Some animals stay within the fenced compound permanently and consider Ruben among their family. Cindy the baboon is one of the animals that chooses to stay. If you want more videos of Cindy and the other animals in his care, you can check them out on the TikTok channel.

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