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She May Only Be 4, But This Tiny Skateboarder Is Already Dreaming Of Olympic Gold.

Autumn California Bailey is not the sort of person you’d normally see at your local skate park.

It’s not the hot pink tutu she favors that sets her apart; it’s the fact that at 4 years old, she’s definitely the youngest shredder around – with the biggest skills!

Did we mention she also has personality to spare? Autumn lives in Brighton, England, where she grew up watching skateboarding videos with her older siblings. By the time she turned 2, she was hitting the skate park and learning tricks that even experienced boarders need lots of time to master.

“She started skating properly at about 2.5 years,” her mom Tara said. “When we go to skate parks most people recognize her now and people are really sweet and come over to say hi, which she loves.”

Tara started an Instagram for her daughter so her fans could monitor her progress. Before the mom knew it, her toddler had gained over 130,000 followers who can’t get enough of her spunky antics.

While some negative types want to find fault in Tara’s parenting for allowing Autumn to tackle such big tricks, Tara always makes sure Autumn follows safety protocols and doesn’t bite off more than she can chew.

“Anyone who hasn’t seen her skate frequently tells me to not let her do something she is lining herself up for,” Tara said. “So I have to politely tell them that she can skate and I’m not just letting my toddler throw herself off an 8-foot drop.”

After so much practice, Autumn knows that falling is part of the sport. “Sometimes I hurt myself but I get up and do it again and again,” she told the BBC. “When I’m skateboarding I feel calm and happy and confident.”

While watching the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan, Autumn was inspired by 13-year-old medalist Sky Brown and now dreams of going to the games herself someday.

“Skateboarding is my favorite thing on the planet because it makes me feel like I’m flying,” she said.

Tara has no doubt that her daughter will achieve her goal once she sets her mind to it. “I’ve never met a child as brave and determined as Autumn, and I think there’s a misconception that boys are the brave ones and girls are more fragile,” she said. “But I think Autumn’s definitely challenging that stereotype.”

So much talent and determination in such a young kid! We have no doubt we’ll be seeing this little firecracker at the 2032 Olympics in Australia.

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