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Mom Catches 3-Yr-Old’s Morning Mirror Pep Talk On Video And It Is The Cutest.

Sometimes it seems like the little voice inside our heads is our own worst enemy.

Developing a healthy self esteem is an important aspect of childhood, however learning how to quiet that negative inner voice is a skill some people never fully master. One person who has mastered the art of self love is Audrey of Mount Pleasant, Michigan. In fact, we could all learn a thing or two about being kind to ourselves from this little girl!


Audrey’s mom Jamie Rabaut shared a video on Facebook when her daughter was about three-years-old. In the short clip we see Audrey, adorable with her blonde ponytail and cute little outfit, standing in front of a full length mirror. As the child turns from side to side admiring herself, she keeps up a running dialogue that would put a smile on just about anyone’s face.


“I’m cute, I’m cute, I’m cute, I’m cute!” Audrey says repeatedly as she swivels around to check out her cuteness from all angles. You can hear Jamie giggling behind the camera, occasionally feeding her compliments. “You’re beautiful,” Jamie tells her. “No, I’m cute!” Audrey insists before adding the new adjective herself. “I’m cute and beautiful!”

After Jamie reminds her daughter that she’s also smart, Audrey doesn’t hesitate to include that word too. “I’m cute and beautiful and smart!” she says excitedly as she continues to prance about.


After Jamie shared the video on Facebook it went viral with hundreds of thousands of views. The young mom later shared her thanks for making her daughter go viral, stating, “If you’ve never met Audrey, she really is the sweetest thing. She compliments people everywhere she goes. It’s always ‘Excuse me, I like your dress’ ‘Your bracelet is SO pretty’ ‘Excuse me ma’am, your hair is beautiful’.”

“She radiates love and positivity and I love that that also reflects upon how she feels about herself,” Jamie wrote, adding that she’s “a better person just for having her in my life.'”


We’re all better for having this kind of love and positivity in our lives. Thanks for sharing the video, Jamie! We wish all children were able to look in the mirror and love what they see. Children with healthy self esteem grow into confident and loving adults, after all!

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