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Astronaut Shares Her Hair Routine In A Delightful Video From The International Space Station.

When the International Space Station is your temporary home, even the most mundane tasks become quite interesting. In 2013, astronaut Karen Nyberg decided to show those of us back on Earth an example of this by giving a step-by-step on her hair routine. As you can imagine, washing hair that is floating straight up can be quite the challenge!

It’s so fascinating to watch as Karen “pours” warm water onto her scalp. When she does, water droplets try and escape her grasp, taking on a life of their own. Next up, she uses no-rinse shampoo, making sure to utilize her towel so any and all dirt gets out. By the end of her process, she lets her hair dry before putting it back in a ponytail.

The hair-washing process in space is fascinating to watch, but one of the most interesting parts might be what happens to the water that evaporates from the astronauts’ hair. Thanks to the water processing system, it turns into their drinking water. How cool is that!?

Watch astronaut Karen’s hair-washing process in the video below.

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