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Assistant Principal Scoops Up Little Girl Having Meltdown Into Sweetest Hug.

Sometimes all it takes is one kind person to change a terrible day into a day filled with gratitude.

Amanda Echenique was having a rough morning recently. The mom of three from Las Vegas, Nevada was in the middle of dropping the kids off at their respective schools when her daughter Gracie began to melt down. With her toddler still strapped into his car seat, Amanda pleaded with Gracie to go into school, but the little girl wasn’t having it.


“Gracie had a rough drop-off this morning,” Amanda explained on Facebook. “She didn’t want to go to school. She stood with her fingers gripped on the chain link fence absolutely hysterical, refusing to go inside. After 15 minutes of talking to her, hugging and kissing her, wiping her tears, explaining why school is important, while my car is parked in the ‘thru lane’ with the door wide open and a toddler in the back seat and I’m getting later and later for work, I start to lose my patience.”

Amanda describes a scene that many of us parents have experienced, and you can feel the panic and stress in her words. As the bell rang and the children began filing into the Wayne N. Tanaka Elementary School, Amanda was at her wit’s end trying to figure out what to do to salvage the day. She had taken Gracie back into the car when she spotted assistant principal Amanda Davis nearby.


“I know Gracie knows her and trusts her,” Amanda said. “I hop out of the car and desperately call her name. She comes to the car and talks to Gracie. Within a matter of minutes, she has Gracie in her arms and is carrying her into school. She saved us all this morning.”

Amanda snapped a photograph of the school administrator carrying Gracie into school, which she then shared on her Facebook page. “These are the type of kind, compassionate, and loving administrators this school has and this district needs,” Amanda noted.  “I am so grateful that she was there for me this morning and is there for Gracie everyday. Thank you, Mrs. Amanda. We are so lucky to have you.”


We are always in awe of the educators and administrators who devote their lives to teaching our children, but this is a particularly heartwarming case of someone going out of their way to make a child feel wanted. Gracie just needed a friendly face to ease the transition between home and school! It really does take a village to raise a child.

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