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Brave Woman Confronts Kidnapper In Harrowing Video.

Ashanti of London, England, knows firsthand how vital it is to trust your gut. Her (and her sister’s) instincts are the reason a girl is back safe with her family.

On November 3, Ashanti’s younger sister, Zian, spotted a man walking with a young girl on her way to school in Mitcham. She instantly sensed something was wrong and called her mom and sister, who wasted no time coming to the rescue.

**Warning: the video and situation described below are intense and contain a moment of foul language, so continue at your own risk.**


Zian had seen the man covering the girl’s mouth with his hands, so Ashanti knew she couldn’t waste a minute. She ran from where she was and quickly caught up to the pair. She started recording the encounter, asking what the man was doing with the girl. He tried to brush it off, saying she was his sister, but Ashanti kept following, insisting he let her go.

Thanks to her bravery, he eventually released his hold on the girl, then ran away.


Ashanti knew her instincts were right when the girl kept thanking her, relieved her nightmare was over.

And later that day, police were able to bring her kidnapper, Kadian Nelson, to justice after Ashanti’s video went viral. Now thousands are rightfully hailing Ashanti a hero for rescuing the girl, but she says she couldn’t have done it without her sister’s help.

“My little sister is the real hero here. She’s 11 years old and was able to notice that something was not right and called me straight away. Otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to save that little girl,” Ashanti tweeted.


Ashanti says she’s “just glad I had the courage to follow through,” and we couldn’t agree more! This situation could have ended very badly if not for her actions, and neither the girl or her family will ever forget it. Thank you, Ashanti and Zian, for not only recognizing danger, but acting on it.

See Ashanti’s footage of the rescue below, and share to spread thanks to her for speaking up!

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