Artist Drew 1 Million Tiny Dots, 90 Hrs Later The Result Was Breathtaking!

artist draws dots on paper

David Bayo is a contemporary French artist who got his start drawing, painting and illustrating. He recently rose to social media stardom after a few of his mesmerizing videos began going viral.

Endara embarked on this portrait of a woman using stippling, a tedious technique which involves a pen, a lot of patience, and an obscene amount of dots. The portrait below took nearly 100 hours to complete, and at a rate of 4.25 dots per second, he estimates the piece contains roughly 1.2 million of them.

David Bayo

Bayo is among only a few artists in the world that have perfected the stippling style. Among those ranks is Miguel Endara whose ability for hyper realism in this style is astonishing. He also loves unique character studies which is how he chose the the subject of the image below.

Miguel Endara

In 2004, a man was found unconscious behind a Burger King dumpster with no belongings, no ID, and no memory of who he was. He had retrograde amnesia and developed quite the social following after a film was released about him.

Artist Endara, after hearing his story, wanted to help him get on his feet. Endara, used the painstaking stippling technique to create a lifelike portrait of the man in 138 hours. The final product contained 2.1 million dots.

Want to see how incredible artists Miguel and David work? See Boya’s amazing, painstaking process in the video below!

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