Argentinian Baby Has Cutest “Argument” With Mom That Requires No Translation.

They say that love is the “international language,” and that seems to be true with this adorable viral video.

Some parenting truths are universal, like how difficult it can sometimes be to get your baby to eat. A mother in Argentina was having this age-old problem in 2018 as she fed her baby Angelina some lunch. She’d cut up a variety of fruits and vegetables for her daughter, but Angelina was having none of it.


Although the entire video exchange is in Spanish we can understand the context perfectly, probably because most moms have been there, done that! As the mother explains to Angelina that she’s worked hard to give her yummy and nutritious food, Angelina adorably shakes her little head “no” and holds out her hands in a “what can you do?” gesture. She’s clearly telling her mother she’d love to eat the food, except she just doesn’t want to. Simple as that!

Mom rattles off a string of Spanish, lamenting her daughter’s picky eating ways. She mentions all the vitamins she’s made sure are included in the baby’s meal, but Angelina seems completely unimpressed. That is, until she spots the camera.

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Once Angelina sees the camera she starts mugging it up, forgetting all about the discussion of potatoes, bananas, yogurt, and other healthy foods she’s meant to be eating. The pair continue their discussion, waving their hands around in an adorably communicative way, while occasionally stopping so that the baby can continue mugging for the camera.

The resulting video is just too cute for words, which is why it’s been viewed well over 2 million times on YouTube to date. That’s pretty impressive considering non-Spanish-speakers can’t understand a word!


This is one of the cutest conversations between mama and baby we’ve ever seen!

Watch the exchange for yourself in the video below, and be sure to share to make someone smile today.

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