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“Are You Happy?” 10 Strangers Share Their Powerful Perspective On Life.

Are you happy? The question is deceptively simple, yet no two answers are the same.

A group of documentarians wants to hear each and every response to this query, so they started a TikTok account that features videos of total strangers replying to a few basic questions about happiness. Their answers are surprising, touching, and incredibly insightful.

1. “Stay humble. Try to have more patience, tolerance, and understanding for people that you don’t understand.”


Her voice is so calming. Thanks @areyouhappy_marist for this interview.

♬ the night we met – favsoundds

2. “Yeah I’m happy. I’m dressed as a pirate. Pirate’s day!”


If all you do is struggle, this one is for you. interview: @tellmemorehaha

♬ the night we met – favsoundds

3. No matter where you live or who you are, it’s tough to navigate the teenage years.

4. It’s all about health for this gentleman. “It’s not about money. It’s not about fame. It’s about your health and your condition,” he told the crew.

5. “You can’t let the old person in,” said one hiker, who had a hip replacement and heart surgery and is now on her “bucket list” trip of a lifetime.

6. Just being alive and well is enough. His only advice is, “Calm down and live your life.”


You’re alive. Just keep going. @dibrantreppy thanks for this interview. #uconn #storrs #connecticut #motivationaldoc #motivationalmoment

♬ Night Trouble By Petit Biscuit – Tyler

7. A brief reminder to find your inner child and never let them go.

8. “Me moving on and learning to love again actually made me happy again.”


It’s never to late to learn how to love again. Thank you @dibrantreppy for this interview. #loveconquershate #loveconfesion #loveaboveallthings

♬ Runaway by Kanye Piano – Henry Cantu

9. This woman is proof that when you actually count your blessings, you’ll find you are happier than you first thought.

10. For him, staying connected to nature is the key to happiness.

What a beautiful project that illustrates the love and humanity in all of us! Happiness is such a subjective thing, and yet it seems that having people to care about, cultivating a positive attitude, and staying grateful are some of the keys to living your best life.

Share these stories to initiate a conversation about happiness with your loved ones. Their answers might surprise you!

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