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Aquariums Or Water Zoos? These Made-Up Words Prove Kids Should Write The Dictionary.

a two-photo collage. on the left there is a screenshot of Dedrick Flynn's tiktok that says his niece called aquariums "water zoos" and on the right there are two screenshots of comments, one of them that talks about "hanitizer" and another one that talks about movie previews being called "appetizers"

While kids might not always have the right answers to everything, they sure tend to have the most logical and truthful ones. Just like the saying suggests, “if you want the truth, ask a child.”

Dedrick Flynn found out that kids are also way better at naming things than adults. This realization came when his niece called an aquarium a “water zoo.”

Dedrick decided to post a video on TikTok sharing his niece’s new word for aquariums and how he couldn’t stop thinking about it. Because after all, his niece is not wrong… at all!

@deddyfatstacks #aquarium #gaaquarium #animals #sea #seaanimals #waterzoo #420 #kidssaythedarnestthings ♬ original sound – Dedrick Flynn

As if our minds weren’t blown enough by this realization, dozens of TikTok users took over the comments section of Dedrick’s video to share some of their own words that can be found in a “kids’ dictionary.”

The comments are just so wholesome that we decided to compile a list with some of the best ones. We must warn you: You might never think of the words “mechanic,” “bacon,” and “seagulls” the same way…

1. Beach chickens that like to eat your food sounds even more accurate.

2. Now we will never be the same either, Tim.

3. The “chunky air” always messes up our hair!

4. Now we want to know what he would call a question mark…?

5. Okay, but seriously, “hanitizer” is a game-changer.

6. Look mom, a human kite!

7. A job where you can sleep, play, and eat… Can we work there?!

8. Someone likes their bacon crispy…

9. Question: “Are you crying?” Response: “No, it’s just panic water.”

10. Ok he’s got a point here. How many times have you eaten cupcakes somewhere other than a party? Or maybe anywhere with cupcakes becomes a party.

11. Can the bus station can be a busport?

12. The true meaning of “I’m on a salad diet.”

13. Previews? What are those? Oh, you’re talking about the appetizers?

14. Are you thirsty or water hungry?

15. Do the “fire” trucks carry fire? Nope, they carry water. So yeah, Sara’s nephew IS going to be a genius.

Why can’t kids be the authors of dictionaries? We don’t know. However, we do know that they would be great at this job.

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