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Anonymous Good Samaritan Leaves Adorable Gifts For Strangers In Public Places.

People love finding these mysterious gifts on their walks.

If you were having a really bad day, wouldn’t receiving a random gift cheer you up? That’s the logic behind the “kindness packages” that one unknown person is leaving all over Calne, Wiltshire in England. Only ever referring to herself as “Miss Busy,” the woman has been bundling little gifts together and hanging them from trees in areas with a lot of foot traffic. Her goal is to make life a little brighter for her community!

People love finding these mysterious gifts on their walks.
kindness in Calne/Facebook

According to BBC News, the elusive “Miss Busy” first got the idea on a day that she needed cheering up. She picked up a crochet keychain that she found during an outdoor walk, and it made her feel a little better. So, she decided to start making her own little presents to surprise other pedestrians who might be feeling glum! Locals love finding her adorable packages, which usually come with handwritten notes.

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