Bored Food Writer Creates Tiny Restaurant For Chipmunk And It’s Our Favorite Thing.

As we continue to muddle through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, people are finding new hobbies to keep themselves occupied while remaining socially distant.


As a food writer, Angela Hansberger of Atlanta, Georgia, has seen her lifestyle change dramatically. She would normally be out sampling bars and restaurants in her city; instead, she’s staying home and missing all aspects of dining out.

Luckily, when her uncle sent her a tiny picnic table meant for squirrels, the writer discovered a new way to channel her latent foodie energy!

She put the table outside and scattered a few walnuts on it to see what would happen. Within moments, a chipmunk appeared and wolfed down the meal.

Inspired, Angela quickly researched foods that are safe for chipmunks. Before the day was done, she’d started her new hobby: crafting teeny-tiny meals for her new best friend, whom she named Thelonious (Monk)!

1. Here’s the first picture Angela took of Thelonious. Pretty bare-bones.

2. Things started going off the rails the second she fashioned a tablecloth for her dinner guest.

3. More props quickly followed. The chef also began noting what Thelonious enjoyed eating and what he did not.

4. Angela shares pictures of each day’s menu on Instagram. Unsurprisingly, people love her updates!

5. Missing sushi, Angela decided to make some for her little friend.

6. Yes, she tediously crafted those tiny taco shells by hand. Thelonious responded by gobbling it all up in one gulp.

7. A close-up of an itty-bitty Mexican feast.

8. Uh oh, she’s started decorating now. The rug really ties the room together.

9. “Later, with the help of my husband, I built a full miniature bar with stools covered in scraps of leather: the Peanut Club.”

10. Thelonious couldn’t wait to belly up to the bar!

11. “This is how I am coping, laying out a picnic, watching tiny hands hold my tiny food,” she wrote. “It’s silly, yes, but sometimes silliness is needed.”

12. Angela said making other people smile with her chipmunk restaurant has helped ease her anxiety.

13. “Messages from strangers who found my munk via social media keep me going.”

14. Seeing Thelonious react to her daily offerings is a much-needed distraction from negative news.

15. Now this is getting silly….

What an adorable way to pass the time and make people smile. We’d be first in line to dine with Thelonious!

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