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Tough Rescuer Cries Meeting Deformed Dog, But Tiny Pup Thanks Her In Sweetest Way.

All dogs deserve the love and comfort of a secure home, but sadly dogs with physical disabilities are often abandoned.

Angela Adan, an animal rescuer from Tehachapi, California, is used to taking in the dogs that others have discarded. She says she rarely gets emotional when taking in a stray these days, but one little dog moved her to tears within minutes of making her acquaintance.


Angela followed a tip to find the little dog, driving four hours to pick her up and bring her back to the rescue. When Angela unwrapped her from the blanket she’d been swaddled in, she felt her heart sink. The extremely tiny chihuahua mix clearly had a variety of medical issues including bulging eyes, too many teeth, and splayed front legs that make it nearly impossible for her to walk.


As she examined the pup and stroked her underweight frame, Angela says she was surprised when the dog suddenly tilted her little face up and began to lick her face. Understanding that the dog was thanking her for the help and kindness, Angela immediately knew that this is one rescue dog who would never make it to the shelter. This little dog belonged in Angela’s own ragtag pack of rescue dogs at home, and that’s where she took her.


“There are moments when I know that dogs are truly thanking me, and this was absolutely one of those moments. She knows she’s safe and cared for now,” Angela explained. She named the dog Freddie Mercury and began lavishing the pup with all of the affection she’d been lacking for the first part of her life.


Freddie isn’t able to walk properly, so Angela jokingly calls her “T-Rex” as she stands on her hind feet. Freddie is always quick to dole out kisses, and even though Angela knows she may not live for very long due to her health problems, she’s willing to love the dog with all her heart no matter what. She says that learning to love the “damaged” dogs has helped keep her focused on what’s truly important, and that’s feeling gratitude for every minute life has to offer us.


“People often ask me how do I do it? How can you foster a special needs dog knowing she could pass away at any day? The answer is simple, dogs teach me to just have fun and to be in the moment. I do my best to just enjoy this time right here, right now, and not worry about what happened yesterday or what will happen tomorrow. Life is short, take breaks when you need it and just enjoy the moment you have right this second.”


“She’s so deserving just like they all are, but there’s something very special about this one. She just looks at you with pure gratitude.”


We’d say this is a match made in heaven, and we couldn’t be happier that Angela and Freddie found one another!

Learn more about Freddie and Angela in the video below, and be sure to share this important message of unconditional love with others.

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