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“Angel” Cop Rushes To The Rescue When Toddler Suddenly Stops Breathing.

People come into our lives for a reason, often at just the right moment.

Yakema Harris of Woodstock, Georgia, believes that a local cop was heaven-sent, appearing on her doorstep in the nick of time to save her toddler’s life. That cop is Officer Barron Dixon of the Woodstock Police Department.

Officer Dixon had just finished his shift one evening when he heard a call come in over the radio in his car. Realizing he was just around the corner from the Harris’ home, he told dispatch he was on his way.

Yakema said the day had been ordinary right up until the moment that her 2-year-old son Messiah lost consciousness. She had picked him up from daycare and gotten home just as the child started to vomit. Afterwards, Messiah seemed to feel better and began to play with his toys.

When he suddenly lay down and went silent, Yakema grew alarmed. She put her son on the sofa and tried to wake him, but he was unresponsive. She dialed 911 when he stopped breathing.

Officer Dixon rushed into Yakema’s home just in time. As the child’s worried mother prayed out loud, the officer began CRR. The cop says it wasn’t until Messiah came to that he realized how serious the situation had been.

“His eyes just opened,” he recalled. “And once his eyes opened, the gravity of it all just hit.”

Days later, Officer Dixon was able to meet up with Messiah and his mother. He played with the boy for a while before sharing a warm hug with a very grateful Yakema. She is convinced that Officer Dixon was sent from heaven just save her son.

“I think he is an angel sent here from God,” she said fervently. “His presence was very needed at that time.”

What a fortunate outcome! We’re thankful for the law enforcement professionals that make it their business to be in the right place at the right time.

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