Dashcam Captures Breathtaking Moment Cop Pulls Teen From Burning Car.

In the wee hours of the morning, 19-year-old Aryn Johnson hopped in his car to head to work in Mechanic Falls, Maine.


He was listening to music one minute and waking up in the hospital the next. He would later learn that while he had been unconscious, two heroes had rushed straight to his burning vehicle and saved his life!

“I was wide-awake when I was driving,” Aryn said. “I was listening to my music, my hip-hop, just chilling along, and all of a sudden I wake up here. I don’t even remember what really caused my crash, just except for what people told me.”

The Mechanic Falls Police Department has since shared the dashcam footage taken during Aryn’s rescue. It shows Officer Andre Chasse working hard to peel back the windshield of the car that Aryn was trapped inside. A Good Samaritan who was also on his way to work stopped to help the officer.

The two men finally broke through the glass and pulled the unconscious driver out, carrying him off to safety. Aryn walked away from the wreck with a fractured vertebra and a concussion, plus a renewed appreciation for our brave first responders!

Incredibly, Chasse didn’t make a big deal of his heroic rescue. “He was just like, ‘Yeah, I had to pull the guy out of the vehicle.’ And he made it seem like it wasn’t any big thing,” said Mechanic Falls Police Chief Jeffrey Goss. “But I watched the video and I was totally impressed with his actions.”

While Aryn doesn’t know much about his rescuers, he can’t wait to thank them both for helping him in his hour of need! “I’m so thankful that I’m alive,” he said. “It’s unbelievable.”

Throughout every moment, the officer has remained humble. After all, this is what he does!

Watch the daring rescue in the video below, and share this story to thank these brave men for saving Aryn’s life.

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