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An Ultra Rare Pregnancy: Mom Finds Out She’s Expecting 2 Sets Of Identical Twins!

Ashley Ness wasn’t even planning on getting pregnant.

The 35-year-old hairstylist from Taunton, Massachusetts had suffered four miscarriages in the past – two before her daughter was born, and two after. She went on to meet the man who is now her boyfriend, and she welcomed his three children into their blended family.

Ashley and her partner had their hands full with their kids, so when she went for a routine physical she asked her doctor about getting on birth control. Instead, she found out that day that she was pregnant!

Not only that, but an ultrasound showed that Ashley’s pregnancy was exceedingly rare. Identical twins run in both her family and her partner’s family, so she was only slightly surprised to learn that instead of one surprise baby, she was having two. But the ultrasound technician had an even bigger shock in store for Ashley.

“She’s like, ‘Um, you’re having four babies, honey,'” Ashley recalled the technician saying.

That’s right: Ashley had conceived two sets of identical twins, one set of girls, and one set of boys, all without fertility drugs of any kind.

The expectant mom was shocked but excited to meet her four new babies. She can’t help but think of the miscarriages she’d suffered all those years ago. “They all came back to me,” said Ashley.

Ashley’s daughter Chanel has selected names for her new siblings. The girls will be Chesley and Chatham, and the boys will be Chance and Cheston.

Ashley is already 23 weeks into her pregnancy, and everything is going well! Her doctors plan to deliver the quadruplets by C-section after 32 weeks, and the babies will spend some time in the NICU until they’re strong enough to come home. In the meantime, a GoFundMe has been established to help the family with their unexpected expenses, which will no doubt be enormous.

Talk about a double, or quadruple, blessing! It’s so beautiful when life’s biggest miracles find you when you’re not looking for them at all.

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