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Amy Grant’s Daughter Saves Friend’s Life, Inspires Internet With Selfless Gift.

Singer-songwriter Amy Grant is used to the spotlight. Ever since the 80’s, she’s been in the public eye, praised for her prolific music career. Now she is in the spotlight for a different reason… her oldest daughter, 27-year-old Gloria Mills Chapman, is inspiring the world with an incredible gift to her best friend.

Gloria Mills, who goes by Millie, has been friends with Kathryn Dudley for her entire life. According to Gary Chapman– Millie’s dad and Amy Grant’s first husband– Kathryn found out she needed a kidney transplant, and “when Kathryn was in need… Millie was a perfect match.” Just like the pastor who donated his kidney to a stranger and the dad who donated to his 3-yr-old daughter, Millie didn’t hesitate to step up. “I’m so proud of her, words fail me,” Gary wrote.

The surgery took place on January 24th, and now both girls are doing well.

“Millie is out of surgery and everything is looking good,” wrote Gary. “She’ll be hurting for a while but healing is underway. Kat is in recovery as well. Thank you all for your prayers and kindness. God is good.”

Millie’s stepsister, Jenny Gill, posted a photo of Millie in the hospital with her mom, Amy Grant. “My sister, the superhero!” wrote Jenny in the caption. “She and her friend are doing very well and are on a lot of drugs.”


Earlier, Jenny had posted a photo of Millie and Kathryn prior to the surgery, saying “This is my step sister Millie (right) and her best friend Kathryn (left). Millie is donating one of her kidneys to Kathryn tomorrow morning. A true act of love and I’m in awe of her. I’m asking for all your love, good thoughts and prayers for them both along with all the staff at the hospital who will be taking care of them. It’s hard to put into words how amazed I am by her kindness.”


Amy Grant also posted praise for her daughter. “We are so proud of Millie’s selfless act of friendship and are grateful that both girls are doing well after yesterday’s surgeries.”

Millie’s gift truly is an inspiring display of love and friendship!

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