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“American Idol” Winner Abi Carter Pulls Off Impressive Rendition Of “Hardest Song” She Knows

abi carter on the ground

Abi Carter is one of the most incredible young singers of this generation, and she’s proving her mad pipes by singing a cover of a Celine Dion classic. Lying on her back, Abi reaches incredible pitches and proves her American Idol title is well-deserved!

In this casual video, Abi is holding her phone with one hand and lying comfortably on the ground. She begins the familiar tune of My Heart Will Go On, reaching the notes with ease.

Singing while on your back isn’t an easy task. Professional and trained singers engage their diaphragm to help support pitches and, when you’re lying down, it’s much harder to fully take advantage of it.

Abi Carter doesn’t seem to be bothered singing this Celine Dion tune. I’m pretty sure she could make beautiful music in just about any circumstance!

Adding a few runs and dazzles here and there, Abi made the song her own. It’s clear why this musical mastermind won Season 22 of American Idol.

abi carter singing celine dion
This image is from Instagram.

What people are saying

Fans in the comments are getting a kick out of Abi’s literally laid-back performance.

“Girl you could sing upside down and it would still sound fantastic!” commented one viewer.

“The way I got chills though come on Abi….. you could revive ancient civilization,” joked another.

There was also some discourse as to why Abi Carter didn’t sing Celine Dion on her season of American Idol. I’m sure Abi has a long list of songs she crushes that we haven’t heard yet!

Following a young singer’s journey from dreamer to star is such a rewarding path for fans. If you’ve been listening to Abi for awhile — you have a lot to look forward to!

Thanks for the incredible performance, Abi! Can’t wait to see — I mean hear — what comes next.

The featured image for this post is from Instagram.

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