12 bewildering pictures that prove the Amazon is the last true wild frontier

The Amazon is a stunning place unlike any other on the planet. There’s always something you’ve never seen or didn’t even know existed around every corner.  There are new species, tribes that are unaware of the modern world and underwater rivers.

All are wild and awe-inspiring.

It’s almost hard to believe that while looking at your screen, going about your day, there is an other-worldly, primal place like this in existence.  And flourishing.  So take a deep breath and enter into the Amazon and it’s most stunning, wild features.

1. Dynamite Trees

  • via traveltips4life

    In order for these “sandbox trees” to spread their seeds, they bear fruit. But rather than dropping to the forest floor when ripe, the fruit actually explodes, sending seeds hurtling as far away as 150 feet.

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