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Amazon Driver Spots Man Collapsing In Driveway And Jumps To Deliver Lifesaving Help.

Amazon driver saves man's life

Every once in a while, delivery drivers find themselves in a position to deliver a lot more than just packages.

Amazon driver Priscilla was driving through a Graham, Washington neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon when she saw a man fall from the driver’s side of his vehicle onto the pavement of his driveway. The man, Donald Crisman, was in the midst of a medical emergency.

Donald had suffered an aneurysm in his lower intestine. In intense pain, he’d tried to get out of his SUV and make it to the porch to ring the doorbell, but he couldn’t make it. Inside the house, his wife was in the shower and couldn’t hear his calls for help.

A video recording from their security camera shows Priscilla’s Amazon van slowing down in front of their house, then stopping and backing up. Priscilla then jumped out of the van and rushed to Donald’s aid. He was able to ask her to get his wife, and she ran to the doorbell while calling 911 on her cell phone.

Donald was rushed to the hospital, where he had surgery to reattach his digestive tract and close the wound in his abdomen. His daughter, Maddie Crisman, shared video of Priscilla’s swift actions that day, praising her for saving her father’s life.

The internet soon worked its magic, and within a few days Donald’s family was about to get in touch with Priscilla to thank her for saving Donald’s life. After his surgery, Maddie updated everyone on his progess.

“They took him off the vent yesterday,” she wrote. “He’s a bit confused and pretty agitated (as we all knew he would be) but my mom and I both were able to hear him say I love you and talk to him for a bit over the last two days. He has a long road of recovery ahead, but for now, we’re just thankful to hear his voice.”

Not only was Priscilla in the right place at the right time, she also kept a clear head in a challenging and stressful situation. Our hats are off to her!

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