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Amazing 12-Year-Old Ventriloquist Stuns AGT Audience With Her Mentalist Abilities!

A young ventriloquist speaking with a pink skunk.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ventriloquism as, “the production of the voice in such a way that the sound seems to come from a source other than the vocal organs of the speaker.” We frequently hear that a ventriloquist “throws one’s voice.” Whatever way you choose to define the act, ventriloquism is not an easy talent to learn. Brynn Cummings, at just 12 years old, makes it look like it is as easy as waking up in the morning!

During a recent episode of America’s Got Talent, Brynn stunned the judges and audience with her amazing ability. Not only did Brynn tackle the ventriloquism like a pro, but she also added a unique twist with a display of mentalism. Going back to our dictionary, mentalism is defined as, “of or relating to mental phenomena.” In plain terms, we mean she read the mind of AGT judge, Hiedi Klum and the audience.

Ventriloquist Brynn Cummings helping her pink skunk friend select a new boyfriend from a binder of potential dates.
Image from YouTube.

Brynn’s act begins with her onstage with her “friend,” a pink skunk. They begin discussing the recent break-up between her friend and her love interest. Rather than wallowing in self-pity, Brynn’s skunk friend decides it is time to move on. They enlist the assistance of Heidi Klum to select a suitable new beau from a binder of potential mates.

Brynn’s binder includes eligible bachelor selections of a Lamborghini collector, a beach lover, and a poetry writer. After declining those as unsuitable, Heidi lights up when world traveler appears as an option. Making the selection, Brynn reveals her friend’s new love interest as a love bird! As if by magic, Brynn moves to a new podium already on the stage where the love bird is waiting.

Image from YouTube.

Brynn manipulates the two puppets while seamlessly shifting from one voice to the next, and adding commentary in her own voice. But she wasn’t done amazing us yet. To cement our trust in her abilities as a mentalist, Brynn had one last trick to reveal.

You’ll have to watch the video below to see what Brynn did next!

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