16-Yr-Old Math And Science Whiz Is Using TikTok To Help Students Succeed.

While TikTok started as a platform for sharing funny videos, it has since become a gold mine of valuable information.

Experts are taking advantage of the social network to spread their wealth of knowledge. For example, clinical psychologist Julie Smith is sharing mental health tips in short clips. Meanwhile, Alexis Loveraz is using his talents to help teens complete their homework and study for exams!

alexis loveraz tiktok tutor

The 16-year-old is a student at New York’s Harlem Prep High School. Not only is he maintaining a 4.0 GPA, but he’s also a fantastic tutor!

As a math and science whiz, Alexis decided to use his knowledge to help his peers. He joined TikTok last year and has since put out over 100 videos covering subjects like algebra, geometry, chemistry, and physics. He even hosts live three-hour tutoring sessions every weekend!

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alexis loveraz tiktok tutor

From SAT prep sessions to Korean language lessons, Alexis’ videos have been incredibly useful to countless students!

Not to mention, he’s received plenty of messages from people marveling at his ability to convey the material so well. Someone even commented that they got more out of a “one-minute video [than] a 45-minute class.”

@alexis_loverazInverse Functions Pt 2. Would you like to see a series of inverse functions including logarithms and natural log? ##algebra2 ##algebra1 ##democracyprep♬ original sound – alexis_loveraz

His lessons have become even more valuable to people because of the novel coronavirus pandemic. But Alexis remains humble, explaining that he’s just happy to teach.

“I want to make the most out of this school year for these students,” he told CTV News. “I realized if I can score well on a subject like math, why not share [with] others of how they can do it as well and what practices … they need to succeed.”

@alexis_loverazGoing over SOH CAH TOA, (Part 1), if you have any questions, comment down below! Stay tune for more! ##geometry ##trigonometry ##algebra1 ##democracyprep♬ original sound – alexis_loveraz

Way to spread a love of learning! While it’s obvious Alexis will succeed in whatever career he chooses, he’s already proving he would make a fantastic teacher. He’s since expanded to YouTube, Discord, and Google Classrooms, so if you know anyone who needs a hand, you know where to send them.

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