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“I Still Can’t Believe It.” Train Slices Amazon Truck In Half — Just Missing The Driver.

the front half of an amazon delivery truck that was cut in half by a train

The holidays are a time of gratefulness, something that was very much at the top of Alexander Evans’ mind this year.

As an Amazon driver, Alexander is no stranger to the hazards of the job, including those that come with crossing a railroad. But crossing one particular track in Ixonia, Wisconsin, on his 33rd birthday of all days, almost turned into a tragedy.

While he was out on delivery, Alexander found himself on a dangerous road. He could see that there were train tracks, but nothing around him provided signals, lights, or sounds to warn drivers if a train was approaching. He did his best to look both ways, but the angle of the road limited his view.

Alexander took a moment to make sure he didn’t hear anything before making the decision to cross the track, but at that point, a train was already heading straight toward him.

“I just tried,” he said. “I made a look as I was going down the hill to swerve, and I didn’t see anything. He was on my left side.”

Because he’s deaf in his left ear, Alexander didn’t hear the train at first. Once he did, all he could do was try his best to keep moving forward.

“Literally, it was like one long beep, horn from the train, and I put my foot on the gas, kind of like trying,” he said. “I don’t know how far I’m going to get away from him.”

The 80 mph train barreled into his truck, cutting it in half and perfectly missing the front section of the vehicle. Miraculously, Alexander survived, but the moment it happened was absolutely surreal for this terrified driver.

“Just air and the pressure. I felt the airbags,” Alexander said. “I didn’t know what to feel, to be honest with you.”

Since this near tragedy happened, Alexander’s story has spread in the news and online. Videos and photos of the aftermath have left people across the country stunned that he was able to survive, and Alexander feels the exact same way.

“I still can’t believe it myself, as well,” he said.

We can’t imagine how Alexander must be feeling, even now, after such a close call. But we’re so happy he was able to make it home safely for the holidays this year, a time he said he was “beyond” thankful for!

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