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Scruffy Chef Gets Jaw-Dropping Makeover & Reveals Hollywood Looks Underneath.

chef alex makeover guy

Chefs work long and varied hours sweating over stoves and grills, but they’re almost always tucked away in the kitchen where patrons can’t see them. And that can be a recipe for just letting yourself go.

Alex, a 30-year-old chef at Wilde Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota, took a rather uncomplicated approach to his personal appearance. He’d grown his wavy brown locks for years until they stretched well below his armpits, and his scruffy beard hid a chiseled jawbone that would make any woman swoon.

alex long hair

He found himself recently single after two women broke up with him one after the other, and decided a makeover was just what he needed before he jumped back into the dating pool. So earlier this year, he sought out help from Minneapolis entrepreneur, media personality, and makeover artist Christopher Hopkins, aka “The Makeover Guy.”

If anyone knew what to do with a scruffy guy like him, it’d be Christopher. After all, he’s been making people feel better about themselves and boosting their confidence for the last eight years.

christopher hopkins

“With my long hair and my scraggly beard, my confidence has been deteriorating,” Alex admits on camera. When it comes to dating, or any kind of social interactions, for that matter, it’s hard to make yourself appealing to others when you don’t even feel it yourself. So the first step here is to make Alex feel better about himself, right?

Of course, Alex has so much hair that Christopher can’t resist playing with it a little bit first…

scruffy guy ponytail

When Christopher gets to work, though, he really gets down to business and takes out his shears to chop off all the excess length he’s been growing.


You know that feeling you get when you’ve just gotten a few inches cut off and you can feel the breeze tingling on the back of your neck? This is the first time in years that Alex has felt that sensation, at least, without lifting his hair in a ponytail or tucking it in a ball cap.

alex makeover1

Trust us when we say this: He becomes a total heartthrob when Christopher is done with him.

You’ll have to click on the video below to see the stunning reveal. Even his coworkers say he could double for Jared Leto! Share to spread this man’s completely new and improved look.

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