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Ukrainian Artist Creates Unbelievable Portraits — Out Of Rubik’s Cubes!

For most of us, simply solving a Rubik’s Cube would feel like our cerebral peak. In fact, we can hardly fathom the skill it takes to create patterns with multiple cubes.

Yet for Ukrainian artist Alex Ivanchak, Rubik’s Cube art has become his niche – one he absolutely dominates! Without the use of any sort of template or blueprint, Alex views each tile on each cube as a “pixel.” Then, he methodically organizes every single one and displays them on wooden frames to create his mind-blowing masterpieces.

His sensational artistry started, of course, with a love of solving Rubik’s Cubes. Alex discovered a passion for the challenging puzzles early on, quickly became an expert, and began entering competitions.

What the average person may not realize is that the game of Rubik’s Cube comes in a wide variety of forms, from the 3x3x3 cube to the 7x7x7 cube, to a one-handed solve, to completing the puzzle blindfolded. We know, our minds are reeling, too!

Undaunted, Alex conquered each challenge, going on to secure Ukraine’s national record a total of 23 times!

Then one day, he focused his talents on a more artistic pursuit. He began experimenting with Rubik’s Cube portraits and gained huge popularity when he posted a portrait of Jimin, a pop singer in the South Korean group BTS.

His 400-cube masterpiece went viral, and he became a Rubik’s Cube sensation overnight. Rightfully so!

He now has a giant collection of his own works of art, including the Mona Lisa, Hermione from “Harry Potter,” Leonardo DiCaprio, and many, many others.

We can’t even begin to wrap our minds around the extreme strategy and cube algorithms that must go into these displays, but we’re glad we get to be on the receiving end of Alex’s incredible talent!

See him in action in the video below, and don’t forget to share these awesome portraits with your friends.

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