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Reese’s Epic Response To This Man’s Peanut Butter-Less Cup Has Internet Cheering.

Every once in a while, something goes wrong at a food factory.

Maybe a machinist is having a bad day, or maybe there’s a newbie on the line. Who knows why it happens, but sometimes your favorite snack might roll off the assembly line missing a crucial ingredient or two.


This seems to be the case for one young man named Alex Hentges of Dubuque, Iowa. One day, Alex was at work, about to indulge in a delicious Reese’s peanut butter cup, when he cracked open the package to discover this monstrosity:


No, your eyes do not deceive you.

That is a Reese’s peanut butter cup that does not, in fact, contain even one smidgen of peanut butter. No peanut butter at all!


Let that sink in for a minute: It’s a peanut butter cup with no peanut butter. Otherwise known as an abomination and a crime against nature!

“They were room temperature, and I knew something was off because it wasn’t squishy,” Alex said. “So I decided to break it in half after opening and found the disaster.”

Naturally, Alex thought this was more than a little odd, so he decided to post the picture on Reddit’s “mildly interesting” forum. Little did he know that his post would go viral with thousands of comments. Before he knew it, people were encouraging him to tell the Reese’s company about their little slip-up, so he took to Facebook to hit them up.


“I had no idea it would go viral,” Alex said. “I posted to r/mildlyinteresting because this is a pretty laid back subreddit with posts that make you go ‘hmmm’; which is what I thought this would do. I guess I severely underestimated how passionate people are about their Reese’s.”

Reese’s quickly replied to Alex’s Facebook post, asking him to send them a private message with more details. Alex later updated his Reddit thread, stating, “Reese’s has reached out and is sending me coupons. Thanks to everyone for your concerns and well-wishes through this trying time.”


“I more found it funny than anything,” he said.

Then, one day later, Reese’s came through in a huge way. Alex opened his door on April 16th to discover a surprise package. The company had sent him dozens of boxes of free candy, along with a handwritten note asking if they’d sent “enough chocolate AND peanut butter to make everything cool.”


Alex still thinks this whole thing is hilarious, and he says he plans to share the candy with this friends and family. He made sure to reply to Reese’s Facebook page after receiving his gift, just to let them know that yes, everything is cool between them now.


Who else is now a Reese’s fan for life? What an awesome reaction to a mild criticism like this. It’s good to know they’re listening to us little folks, after all.

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