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Cat And Puppy Besties Are Completely “Obsessed” With Each Other.

When Lana Boocock of England first brought home her new puppy Albi, she wasn’t sure how her cat Teddy was going to react.

Everyone knows that cats and dogs often fight like… well, you know. But when Lana set Albi down on the floor of her home and watched him approach Teddy, something amazing happened!

“They instantly started playing and following each other around,” Lana said. “Just obsessed with each other.”

Teddy shocked his mom by showing a strong parental instinct toward the tiny puppy. He groomed his new brother extensively before they snuggled up for a nap. By the end of day one, it was clear that Lana was no longer numero uno in her cat’s life!

Their adorable bond grew stronger each day. Now, they sleep together, play together, and groom one another all the time! If their mom can’t find one of them, all she has to do is look in all their pet beds until she sees them cuddled up.

While Lana takes Albi to work with her every day, as soon as they get home, he goes running off to find his kitty brother!

“It’s like they were soul mates. Like they were meant to be,” Lana added.

From early on, she took short videos of the furry friends and uploaded them to social media. Thanks to these precious moments, Teddy and Albi have become viral stars on TikTok!

People tune in from all over the globe to watch this pair mock battle and then hug out their differences when they’re done.

Many fans like to point out the obvious: If animals of a whole different species can look past their differences and become best friends, why can’t humans? Clearly, we can learn some valuable lessons from these two!

Watch Albi and Teddy goof around in the video below, and be sure to share this story to make someone smile.

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