Everything Is “OK” With This Cat Who Has Adorable Conversations With Her Humans.

the OK cat

As difficult as it is to believe, someone once returned Akkodha the cat to the shelter because they thought her hair was “too long.”

We’ll bet those people are kicking themselves now, because Akkodha is becoming a genuine internet celebrity with TikTok videos that rack up millions of views. Her forever human, Dan Spano, says life with their now 15-year-old senior kitty is definitely “OK.”

Dan explained that he and his wife noticed right away that Akkodha is talkative. They brought her home in 2006, and she immediately started following them around making “chirps and meows.”

She talks to Dan pretty much all day from the second he wakes up, and it didn’t take long before Dan was talking right back to her.

After a while, Dan noticed that some of Akkodha’s sounds resembled the word “OK.” The more he talked to her, the more clearly she said it. After years of repetition, “The OK Cat” was ready to take her act online!

“She’s very affectionate,”Dan said. “As soon as I get home from work and sit in my chair, she’s on my lap. She’s always following me around, always rubbing against your leg hoping to get pets.â€

Akkodha is now known on social media as “The OK Cat,” and her fans can’t get enough of her adorable conversations with Dan. She’s extra talkative whenever it’s dinnertime or there are treats in hand, of course.

“She’ll say it generally if I’m anywhere in the vicinity of the kitchen pantry that has her treats,” he said. “She associates it with me and now she just wants to say it back and forth.”


My cat says ok part 1000. Sorry for the lack of content. I just got a new job and moved my family. Put in the comments questions I should ask Akkodha. 😸❤️OK #fypシ #cat #catsoftiktok

♬ Walk Home – Akkodha

As Akkodha’s online audience grows, Dan is happy to make more videos if it means spreading happiness and appreciation for animal companionship.

“I think it’s great that we put smiles on people’s faces,” he said. “They’ll say, ‘Hey, I need an OK this week.’ Or, ‘As long as she says OK, I know everything will be fine.’â€


🎂 Happy Birthday Akkodha Kitty!!🎉 Technically her birthday is Nov 29th. I just forgot to post that day 😆 #fypシ #cat #catsoftiktok

♬ Walk Home – Akkodha

Dan said Akkodha is the perfect addition to his family, long hair and all. He couldn’t imagine life without her adorable “OKs,” and we are just glad he’s sharing them with the world. Gee, all our cat says is “meow,” and that’s… OK!

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