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Teacher Transforms Simple Band-Aids Into Powerful Lesson On Fairness.

young woman talking while holding up a fanned out stack of band aids

Teachers are tasked with helping kids learn about all sorts of things, including concepts that may be hard for them to grasp like equity and fairness.

That’s why third-grade teacher Aimee decided to share her clever method on TikTok. She needed this lesson because some of her kids were getting upset when they perceived other students as having special treatment. For example, a child with diabetes getting an extra treat, a student with autism receiving noise-canceling headphones, or a child with ADHD playing with a fidget spinner.

In order to get her students to understand what was going on, she used a creative analogy: getting a boo-boo and needing a Band-Aid. The kids were confused at first, but once they understood, it made a world of difference!

Watch her clever lesson play out in the video below, and don’t forget to share this story.

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