2 Chatbots Have A Conversation And It’s Just As Awesome (And Weird) As You’d Think.

two computer monitors with two different ai robots, one a man and the other a woman with the text "I am a robot" edited onto the image

If you’ve ever tried chatting with a chatbot like Cleverbot, you know just how strange conversations with an AI can get.


Sometimes the AI comes up with replies that are so realistic it’s hard to believe you’re not talking to an actual human. Other times, though, you end up having the silliest conversations that don’t make any sense at all. But have you ever wondered what would happen if an AI had a conversation with a fellow AI?

Researchers at the Creative Machines Lab not only asked themselves this very question, but they also made it happen. A clip of their robots’ conversation was shared on YouTube, where it’s gotten over 22 million views! Despite their chat only lasting a little over a minute, the AI somehow packed in several twists and turns, even managing to figure out that they’re both robots!

Listen in on their discussion in the video below, and don’t forget to share this fascinating story.

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