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“AGT” Judges Wowed By Their First Foot Juggling Audition, “I Thought I’d Seen It All”

AGT Foot Juggling

After 19 seasons, the AGT judges had seen nearly every conceivable talent people could have, except for foot juggling. Now, they’ve seen it all.

The show’s YouTube channel dropped an early-release video for Helen Wonjila’s impressive act on July 8th, a day ahead of the new installment. The contestant goes by Helen the Foot Juggler and has performed worldwide since attending circus school in Wuqiao, China.

Helen, who is also a gymnastics champion, decided to take her unique skill to America’s Got Talent to possibly win the $1 million prize for herself and her daughter, Amari, who stood backstage for Helen’s audition.

For the audition, Helen juggled to Levitating by Dua Lipa. While lying on her back, she spun a sparkling disc on her foot, then gradually added three more discs to the mix. She tossed the discs between her hands and feet before throwing them aside to juggle an entire table.

Helen’s “AGT” Act Kept Getting Better

Helen the Foot Juggler tossed the table around to the beat before balancing it on one foot, which made the judges’ jaws drop. For her last trick, she held the table still and spun a tablecloth and four hula hoops with her hands and free foot.

“This was fun,” said SofĂ­a Vergara. “We were all super excited. I mean, I could have kept watching what you were doing. You could have juggled for me for a whole hour… I think people are going to love you.”

All four judges voted Helen into the live rounds, and they are interested to see what “crazy things” she will be juggling by the end of the show.

They all also noted that they’d never watched something quite like foot juggling, and they appreciated the creativity.

“You know what I love about the show this year is that we’re seeing acts I genuinely have never seen before, and I’d thought I’d seen it all,” Simon Cowell said. “When I see people like you, and I see your daughter, and how much this means to you. It’s the best feeling in the world. “

Tune into AGT on NBC tomorrow (July 9) at 8/7 C to hear Helen the Foot Juggler’s entire story.

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