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“AGT” First: Sheldon Riley Delivers Emotional Performance Without His Mask.

Close up of Sheldon Riley singing on "America's Got Talent" (AGT). The lighting is causing a shadow effect. His head is turned to the side as he looks up at his fingers which have especially long decorative nails. He's wearing all black, and the pointy parts on his mask match his nails.

Even the most talented people struggle with their self-worth. International star Sheldon Riley is the perfect example. At only 24 years old, this singer from Sydney, Australia has taken the world by storm with his powerful voice. He’s appeared in several reality competitions, including America’s Got Talent (AGT). In 2006, he left the show as a quarter-finalist.

Now, he’s back for AGT: Fantasy League. Judge Mel B. was quick to choose him for her team — and it’s no wonder why. He’s competed on Eurovision and been featured in Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Billboard. Still, this talented artist finds it difficult to feel comfortable in his own skin.

In order to perform, Riley dons all sorts of fabulous masks while on stage. Although this has served him well, in preparing for his latest AGT performance, he asked himself: What if I don’t wear a mask?

“I’ve spent so much time trying to visually be enough for people that maybe the talent that I have is enough,” Riley shares.

Sheldon Riley Leaves Everyone Speechless With His Unexpected AGT Performance

Sheldon Riley stands on the "AGT" stage in all black, including a mask. He sings into a mic directly in front of him but there are also several mics on stands all around him.

Mel B. makes it clear that she supports his decision either way. This means that, when it’s time for his performance, even she has no idea if he’ll be wearing a mask or for how long. What she does know, however, is his song choice: Tattoo by Loreen.

As usual, Riley’s powerful voice and ability to tell an emotional story through song captures the hearts of everyone watching. Then, about halfway through his performance, the superstar takes off his mask — and the crowd goes wild!

When Mel B. asks how it felt to take off the mask, his answer is simple yet powerful: “So good.”

Howie Mandel goes on to express how meaningful Riley’s act of bravery will mean for folks all around the world — and I couldn’t agree more!

“My soapbox in life is mental health,” Mandel says. “And the biggest hurdles that we have in life are the hurdles we have inside ourselves. I think you did something wonderful for the world.”

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