After 5 Years Apart, Watch The INCREDIBLE Way This Gorilla Responds To His Return.

When conservationist Damian Aspinall went to visit his old friend Kwibi, a gorilla, he wasn’t sure how the reunion would go.  You can’t blame him — gorillas are unpredictable creatures and it had been five years since he had released Kwibi into the forests of Gabon, West Africa.


Damian soon came to find that Kwibi had a group of gorillas of his own, including wives and children.  Often, that group mentality leads to a protective attitude. But as Damian and his friends approached, it became clear that this would be a truly miraculous encounter… Kwibi had no trouble recognizing Damina’s voice.


Their heartwarming reunion reminds us of the incredible bonds that friendship can forge. Even separated by years and vast distances, Kwibi literally clung to his beloved human friend.  And what he did at the end is heart-melting. How great would it be if all of our friendships had such a lasting care and loyalty!?


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