Cop Found Homeless Family Sleeping In Car. Instead Of Kicking Them Out, He Gave Them This Incredible Gift!

When Eugene officer, David Natt, stepped up to a car parked in a closed lot, he had every intention of removing it from the premises. However, when he saw what was in the car, he changed his mind.


He found a family of four, two young children, their father and pregnant mother, sleeping in their vehicle. So, the officer Natt decided to take a different approach. He asked the man if he could help them in any way, and was refused twice. But, David wouldn’t give up and on the third time, his persistence was successful.


Officer Natt then sought out help from the University Fellowship Church in South Eugene, which donated enough funds for the family to stay in a hotel for two nights. What a blessing they gave to the family!


As the father said, “It made me want to do the same kind of thing for other people. It took away the shame…”


Here’s our takeaway: Help others whenever you can! One act of kindness can change someone’s life and give hope in otherwise hopeless situations.

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