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Bullies Ridicule Little Girl At Bus Stop, But These Strangers Step In With A Valuable Lesson.

No matter how old you get, bullies will always be around. Whatever their reasons for pushing others, whether it’s their own low self esteem or a need to feel powerful… Most bullies continue tear others down because nobody will stand up and tell them “enough.”

The social experiment in the video below gives ordinary people the chance to stand up to a couple of bullies. As commuters sat waiting for their ride to arrive, a nearby group of girls began ridiculing the girl next to them, laughing all the while. There are two bullies and one “loser,” the girl the bullies pick on. The girls look to be in middle school or high school, and the bullies taunt the one girl for her looks, her singing voice, her reading habits… Anything they can think of. The adults sitting nearby don’t say much at first, but finally they began to respond, each in his or her own way.

Some people flat-out tell the girls to quit what they’re doing; one wordlessly motions for the picked-on girl to come sit by her and then compliments her, rebuilding the confidence the bullies tore down; one man just starts to play the harmonica, drowning out the bullies and comforting the girl with his song. These people brought tears to my eyes.

“Who will stop the bullying?” asks the video. “All of us.”

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