Stroller Company Makes Adult-Sized Strollers. The Reactions They Get Are Too Fun!

Babies live “the life” in a lot of ways…being pushed around from place to place without a care in the world. A company called Kolcraft wanted to find out just how outstanding their product, the Contour Stroller, really is. So they did an experiment!


Because babies can’t properly communicate complicated feedback, and adults can’t fit into something baby-sized, Tom Koltun, the company’s president, needed to find another way to get information. From that thought came what might be one of the best ideas ever: Adult strollers.

“We created the test ride so adults could experience first-hand how each Contours Stroller is carefully designed with a baby’s joy and comfort in mind and make sure it’s the perfect choice for their family,†said Koltun.

Using the same materials and methods, they applied the appropriate proportions to a fully grown human sized model. The subjects chosen for this test are some really lucky people. Here’s the process: First, step inside the ginormous traveling basket and assessed the comfortability. Next came the overall ambiance of the inside. And then the moving/smoothness rating. Overall, the experience seemed to go pretty well… and was too funny!

Unfortunately, you won’t see these adult-sized strollers out on shelves in the near future, at least from Kolcraft. But you really never know what will pop up on an infomercial or Amazon.  Either way, I want to try this!

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