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Mom Posts Video Of Young Son Singing Broadway Song & Even Sara Bareilles Loves Him!

For many talented musicians, it’s not the mega-star status or global concert tours they’re after — it’s Broadway. They dream of performing in one of New York’s famous theaters, following in the footsteps of stars from “Rent,” “Wicked,” “Les Misérables,” or “Cats.”

Even Broadway’s biggest stars had to start somewhere, though. It takes a lot of work (and countless auditions) to get there. Young Adrian Matthew seems well on his way to making his dreams a reality, thanks to a video his mom posted to Facebook.


Adrian’s mom Irishmae Escalona posted a video of him singing “She Used To Be Mine,” a song written by Sara Bareilles for the musical, “Waitress.” The video starts with the sound of a piano, but from the moment Adrian hits his first note, it’s clear this is no humble mom-brag — the kid has serious talent.

Adrian performs the song with so much passion, which is evident between his facial expressions and the power in his voice. The song is already beautiful, but even more so coming from such a young kid.

Not surprisingly, the internet agrees, which is why it didn’t take long for the video to go viral.


The internet worked its wonderful magic and word of Adrian’s emotional performance even spread to Betsy Wolfe, an actress who once played Jenna in “Waitress.”

Blown away by Adrian’s delivery, she passed the video along to Sara Bareilles on Twitter. The singer/songwriter was also amazed, and said what we’re all thinking:


As the video gained popularity, a Facebook user asked Irishmae what she thought of everything, and how it made her feel. The proud mom responded by saying, “It gives me hope that my son’s dreams are coming true and that I am lucky enough to watch it unfold.”

We have no doubt his dreams will come true, probably sooner than later.

Watch Adrian sing in the video below, and don’t forget to share!

I always share his talent with the world and I will always proudly boast about that. But this…. this song really hits home with me. Listening to and watching my own son sing a song like this? Well, you can see for yourself ☺️(PS. Working on those audition skills 😉)*I am beyond proud of you, Adrian Matthew. Mama loves you so much!*

Posted by Irish Mae on Friday, September 28, 2018

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