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Adorably Snuggly Cat Proves Everyone Benefits From The Existence of Heated Blankets.

cat snuggled up in green heated blanket

Listen… if you don’t have a heated blanket, you’re obviously a bit behind on the times. There’s absolutely nothing better than snuggling up in a electricity-powered cozy machine at the end of a long day of adulting. Interestingly enough, this cat is proving that the heated blanket offers benefits to more than just humans. Even our four-legged besties love an extra toasty snuggle situation.

Heated blankets for ALL!

Wrapped in the coziest of all blankies, this cat is chirping and howling with glee.

One commenter on the video notes, “I love the idea of being so comfy that instead of being quiet and cozy you yell in triumph.”

Another says, “When you consider how comfortable cats get snuggled up in a blanket that’s like twenty times their size and how peaceful they get, it makes me wonder. Why aren’t regular blankets this large compared to our bodies, and where can I buy some so that I can be wrapped in a giant comfort ball.”

Great point!

Join the 9.9 million people who have taken a minute of their lives to watch this heated blanket kitty. Watch the full clip below for the most relatable content you’ll see today. Take this as a reminder to get cozy!

The featured image for this post is from YouTube.

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