Adorably Optimistic: Baby Smiles With Joy Despite Outrageous X-Ray Technique.

baby x-ray

Have you ever wondered how doctors manage to get X-rays on a wiggly baby? Well, we can show you. And while it’s sad to think of someone so young needing a scan, the little guy in the video below gives a look at how it works in the most adorable way.

X-ray machines are incredibly sensitive, so patients have to be perfectly still while technicians do their work. Babies and toddlers, of course, cannot and will not sit still for even a split moment. To work around the unavoidable, someone had to get creative and invent a workaround, and what they came up with is called a Pigg-O-Stat.

baby getting x-ray

The Pigg-O-Stat is a glass tube that doctors slide babies into. The babies hold their arms above their heads and their legs straight down and the tube keeps them from squirming. X-ray machines emit a lot of radiation, which is dangerous for anyone, especially a baby. So this handy machine keeps the scan short and sweet.

The contraption isn’t painful or uncomfortable for babies who are often used to being swaddled. As this video proves, some little ones even enjoy them.


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The little guy looks safe and happy with his big cheeks and chunky arms squished against the glass. He even laughs and smiles as he kicks his feet, which are sticking out of the tube.

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