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Adorable Tiger Cub Plays Just Like A Kitten At Oakland Zoo

A tiger cub being playful at Oakland Zoo.

This tiger cub might look big and scary, but she’s really just a kitten at heart! Oakland Zoo in California caught the sweetest footage of their four-legged friend playing with a feather. This cub, named Lily, looks just like a housecat as she swats at the object with her paws. An adorable Instagram video shows the playful tiger cub in action!

In the clip, Lily is mesmerized by someone waving a feather in her enclosure at the Oakland Zoo. As it moves back and forth, the tiger cub goes through a number of tactics to subdue it. She tries pouncing on it, biting it, and batting at it with her paws. Then, she jumps backward and lays down, watching the feather with rapt attention. You can see her tail swishing in the background as she plans her next move.

It’s amazing to see such a fierce wild animal acting like a kitten when presented with a fun new toy! Other adorable videos of this loveable tiger cub have surfaced online. ABC News shared the most hilarious clip on Instagram that shows Lily watching a nature documentary. She looks extremely invested in the content. Can you guess what the topic was? That’s right โ€” tigers!

This spunky tiger cub at Oakland Zoo certainly knows how to stay entertained! We’re sure her lively personality keeps her caretakers on their toes.

You can find the source of this storyโ€™s featured image here.

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