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Adorable Baby Kangaroo Born At Florida Zoo Makes Her First Appearance!

baby kangaroo

Brevard Zoo is here to deliver if you need your daily dose of cuteness! The zoo’s Kangaroo Walkabout has welcomed a new addition to its hopping family. Lilly, a red kangaroo, has become a proud mother with a baby kangaroo, known as a joey, safely tucked away in her pouch. 

This delightful news has brought immense joy to the zookeepers and visitors alike.

baby kangaroo

The joey is now five months old and thriving under Lilly’s loving care. She diligently grooms her joey and keeps her pouch clean as well. On hot days you might even see Lilly licking the outside of her pouch! This helps regulate the temperature inside the pouch and keeps her baby nice and cool. 

At birth, joeys are underdeveloped, measuring just one inch long. They have well-developed forearms to crawl into their mother’s pouch — a lengthy journey for a tiny bean of a creature! Once inside the pouch, they have a long journey of growth ahead of them. 

At five months old Lilly’s joey is just now peeking their head out and investigating the world around them. 

baby kangaroo in pouch

The dedicated animal care team at Brevard Zoo has been closely monitoring Lilly and the baby kangaroo since birth. Voluntary pouch checks allow the zookeepers to check the joey’s well-being and track its growth.

The animal care staff utilizes a combination of trust and positive reinforcement to teach their kangaroos to voluntarily participate in health checks like the pouch check. Kristen Gagnon, area supervisor in the Lands of Change area of the zoo, notes how impressive this is. “Who can say that they’ve looked into a kangaroo’s pouch before? It’s really special if you think about it.”

Lilly, in particular, has a special bond with her care staff. She was found outside her mother’s pouch as a five-month-old joey after a thunderstorm. The staff believes that the storm may have startled her mother, causing her to drop Lilly. Fortunately, Lauren Hinson, the director of animal programs, hand-raised Lilly, ensuring her survival. 

Joeys usually begin leaving the pouch when they are around 7-9 months old. Although Lilly’s baby hasn’t started hopping out just yet, they have begun to poke their head out and look around, and the results are simply adorable. 

Stay tuned to Brevard Zoo’s blog and social media channels for updates on the baby kangaroo. Witnessing the growth and development of a kangaroo joey is a heartwarming (and adorable) experience. 

Brevard Zoo is a not-for-profit organization and heavily relies on generous support from the community. Contributions help sustain their animal care program, as well as education and conservation programs. If you’re passionate about wildlife and want to make a difference, consider supporting Brevard Zoo by visiting or donating.

mother kangaroo and baby kangaroo

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