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A WWII Love Story: Couple Whose Romance Began On Pen And Paper Share First Kiss Three Years Later

A vintage photo of a couple on their wedding day.

When it comes to World War II love stories, this couple’s written romance was truly something special! In 1942, George Bunnell began writing to his bunkmate’s younger sister, Yvonne. These two had never met in real life, but the woman’s messages were a great comfort to the young soldier. Eventually, their pen pal relationship evolved into something much deeper, and their correspondence transformed into a flurry of love letters. Now, their kids are reading those letters for the very first time!

Bernie Quinn, the daughter of George and Yvonne Bunnell, explained to NTV News that her parents didn’t want their children to see the contents of their love letters until after their deaths.

“We have probably 350-400 letters that we were not allowed to read until my mother passed in June of this year,” she said.

An old love letter from World War II.
Screengrab from YouTube

These preserved writings tell one of the most beautiful WWII love stories you’ll ever read! At first, the couple’s correspondence was courteous. However, as time went on, they began to fall head over heels for one another despite never having met. In fact, they would not see each other in person for three years! This didn’t stop them from declaring their feelings in their love letters.

“He often said how he couldn’t wait for mail call to see if one of her letters had arrived,” Bernie said of her father.

This World War II love story didn’t get a happy ending right away.

An old photo of a soldier from World War II.
Screengrab from YouTube

There were times when the young soldier wasn’t so sure that things would work out between him and his beloved pen pal. He worried that he was holding her back by making her wait for him. However, it seems that this World War II love story was just meant to be! On September 12, 1945, Yvonne and George met face to face and shared their first kiss. Three months later, they were married.

A vintage photo of a couple on their wedding day.
Screengrab from YouTube

Although the pair could finally express their love in person, George wrote one last letter to his wife after being married for six months. He just wanted to let her know that he adored her more than ever!

Many love stories during WWII didn’t have such happy endings. This couple was extremely lucky to have had such a long and wonderful relationship — not to mention five kids! It’s amazing that their family has a written account of how these two came together.

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