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A Medical Miracle: Blind Child Regains Eyesight Despite “Permanent Brain Damage.”

Evie-mae geurts smiling

Once in a while, there’s a legitimate medical miracle that even doctors can’t explain.

When Evie-Mae Geurts of England was just a baby, she had a bad cold that left her with red, swollen eyes. Mom Amy Guerts took her to the hospital, where they received terrible news: Evie-Mae had no visual responses to shining a light directly into her eyes. The doctor said she was blind.

Not only that, but Evie-Mae’s head was swollen, making them suspect she had hydrocephalus, or fluid in the brain. Doctors warned the family that their baby might never walk, talk, or see.

“I knew of hydrocephalus because my brother has it,” Amy recalled. “I thought that might be why she had no vision, but I was told I was wrong because she was a smiley baby.”

Without a formal diagnosis, Amy couldn’t get treatment for Evie-Mae. She finally sought help from a neurosurgeon who confirmed the hydrocephalus diagnosis.

The determined mom went to the emergency department and refused to leave until her daughter was seen. Ten hours later, Evie-Mae had surgery to insert a shunt that would reroute fluid from the brain to the bladder. When she came out of surgery, physicians admitted that “she could have died” from the severe pressure on her brain.

“It’s such a horrible pressure,” Amy explained. “The pressure in your brain should be at zero, and on a bad migraine, it’ll be five, and Evie’s was 32 and higher when they measured.”

From this point on, Evie-Mae proved everyone wrong. Over the next year, the shunt did its job and relieved pressure in her brain. Her vision was the first sense to return. When she was two, she took her first steps, and speech followed soon after.

Then, the true miracle: Evie-Mae’s headaches returned, and everyone feared the worst. But when doctors checked the shunt to see if it was blocked, it turned out to be empty. Evie-Mae’s hydrocephalus had simply disappeared. She had effectively “cured herself.”

It was the shunt itself that was causing the child’s headaches, so they removed it. Now, Evie-Mae is 7 years old and thriving! She doesn’t even need glasses to see perfectly, and she’s at the top of her class at school.

“Now, she’s living shunt free, talking, walking and she’s ahead of her age in learning,” said her proud mother. “They can’t understand — she was globally delayed and now all of a sudden, she’s very forward. She’s an amazing little girl, and so brave.”

Evie-Mae’s doctors say they’ve never seen anyone recover from hydrocephalus before. This little girl is a walking medical miracle!

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