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A “Mad World?” Fans Are Shocked At Outcome Of Nini Iris’ Powerhouse Performance.

Nini Iris closes her eyes as she passionately sings "Mad World" on "The Voice."

On Monday, The Voice contestants sang their hearts out in order to secure their spot in the finale. Unfortunately, with only five spots available, that meant that four of these talented artists went home last night. The top four artists, based on the number of votes they received from fans, moved forward immediately. Fan favorite Nini Iris was not one of them, leading her to sing Mad World by Tears for Fears in hopes of being chosen for that last spot.

In order for that to happen, Nini’s performance needed to convince the folks at home to vote for her rather than her competitors. As usual, this talented star nailed her performance.

Nini Iris sings into a mic on "The Voice," one hand in the air out in front of her.

Recently, Nini’s performances have been quite theatrical. This time, however, the stage remains fairly simple. Various colors and shapes move hypnotically on the screens behind her, fitting for the overall tone and emotion of the song.

Nini Iris Delivers Emotional Rendition of Mad World

What takes center stage, however, is Nini’s impressive vocals. As many of her fans point out, she has a unique quality to her voice, and that shines through in this performance.

Then, as usual, Nini makes the song her own by belting out the closing of the song, evoking raw emotions that capture everyone’s attention.

Close up of Nini Iris on "The Voice." Her mouth is wide open as she belts an impressive note during "Mad World."

Although Nini’s performance turned out to be flawless, fans couldn’t help but point out how baffling it is that she had to perform an extra song for a chance at being in the finale. This is a sentiment that her coach, Niall Horan, shared after she sang.

“I can’t believe she’s in this position,” Horan said. “I keep talking about her ability as an artist. We need to look past this show as well. We have a real artist here.”

Even more shockingly, Nini did not receive enough votes to move forward to the finale. As devastated as her fans are over this unexpected loss, they’re positive this is just the start of her successful career.

“Thank you @nbcthevoice for this wonderful experience!” Nini wrote on Instagram after getting eliminated. “Thank you, Niall Horan, for being the best coach and a friend! And thank you all for your love. My career’s just beginning! Love u always.”

Watch Nini Iris deliver an emotional rendition of Mad World by Tears for Fears in the video below.

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