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A 4-Legged Cinderella: How Patches Went from a Stray Cat to a Pampered House Pet.

Patches the cat is now a pampered pet in a loving home.

Patches, a formerly stray cat, has given up her loner lifestyle and accepted a comfy home with a new family. According to an adorable series of TikTok videos from her owners, it all started when Patches wandered up to their front door. They offered her a container of lactose-free milk, which she seemed to enjoy. From then on, Patches became a regular fixture around their home.

Patches the stray cat used to hang out on this family's porch.
Screengrab from Patches/TikTok

In a video titled “4 Signs that You’re Being Adopted by a Stray Cat,” the family showed how Patches tentatively began integrating herself into their lives. She’d hang out on their front porch, bring the spoils of her hunting trips to their door, and even follow them around when they went for walks in the neighborhood. Eventually, she even began to come when called.

Unfortunately, Patches wasn’t ready to give up the life of a street cat right away. Often, she appeared at the family’s door with cuts on her face. When the kitty turned up with a limp, however, that’s when they knew they needed to take action. They brought her to the emergency room, then kept her in the house throughout her recovery. A few days in the lap of luxury finally did the trick. Once Patches was all healed up, she decided to stay with the family for good!

Patches the cat is now a pampered pet in a loving home.
Screengrab from Patches/TikTok

It turns out that Patches wasn’t always a stray. Eventually, her family found out that she’d been microchipped by her previous owners, who lived 500 miles away. Although they reached out to the cat’s original family multiple times, they never received an answer.

“How could anyone ever let this sweet face go though?” her new owners wrote on TikTok. “Their loss is our gain! Thanks!”

Watch the video below to see the heartwarming story of how Patches went from the streets to a loving home.

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