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98-Year-Old Spends Her Days Alone, But Her Appreciation For Life Is Captured Beautifully In This Short Film.

Mary is 98-years-old and is still walking. She’s got spirit and spunk, but there’s a lot missing from her life. Every Monday through Friday, Mary goes to the senior center. “I can’t wait until morning comes so I can go.” Mary says of the senior center. “I like it down there. You meet friends, you talk to them, you do something to pass your time.” But what happens when she has to go back home at night?

“There’s nobody here.” Mary says to the film crew interviewing her for this short film. “You know what I do? Don’t laugh. I get junk mail, I strip it, after I strip it I cut it up small, I put it in a bag, put it in the garbage. I have to do something. Otherwise, I’ll go nuts.”

The image of this 98-year-old woman sitting alone shredding junk mail is a difficult one to contemplate, but even this menial task speaks to Mary’s attitude and willpower. She still feels blessed, even in her loneliness, and she’s determined to keep going, never giving up on life.

The short film is called “Junk Mail,” and it means the world to Mary. “I love you all for coming.” she says to the film crew. “It’s made my day and I’ll never forget it.”

Watch the eye-opening short film about this inspiring woman below.

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